Ping only when app is needed

Hello, I’ve read about how Glitch has issued policy regarding pinging services.
However I’m doing a Whatsapp bot in my project and I just want to know if it’s okay to ping just when bot is still in use…

For example after being online for nearly 5 minutes… if somebody is using the bot, I want to prolong that online time by pinging and only at that moment.

I’m pretty sure my bot is not used all the time so it will always go offline too. As for waking it up again (again, when needed) I have already implemented something in my phone to handle that.

So will my project be bannable if this is the case?

Well, I think no

if you make a request related the use of the bot, e.g. a message that it has to respond to, then I think that’s not the kind of “pinging” that’s forbidden (although I’m not the one in charge of specifying and enforcing this rule).

how do you wake up the project in the first place when someone starts using the bot after a period of inactivity?

I use an app called Messenger Bot in my phone. It can be programmed to respond to messages. If this project is not active, Messenger Bot in my phone will be in charge of checking incoming messages, if it receives a command it will ping this project to wake it up.

thanks for the explanation of the design. that could be something in your favor, i.e. you can connect one request made to glitch (from your phone) to one piece of user activity. although again, these are my own opinions and I’m not in charge of this pinging rule.

be sure that there aren’t automated messages going from your channel to your phone and then from your phone to glitch though.