Ping service block: June 13, 7:56 a.m. to present

By participating in those services, you are likley making the outage last longer.

It should also be noted that @SplitXPlayZ has left Glitch.

Then why he answer me?


I cannot stop you from using a service like that but please know that you may be harming Glitch for everyone else.

Wdym? it’s just ping

Glitch has banned pings because they are overloading Glitch servers.

Then how can I make my bot online 24/7 without pay in Glitch?

For now, you sadly cannot on Glitch. Glitch will be lifting the ban sooner than later.

However, you can always look into self hosting which is free.

Listen, I don’t use Heroku cuz I don’t have any time to update my bot to v12 and Heroku doesn’t support v11.5.1. Then there is some thing that my bot online 24/7 without pay?

Why not look into self-hosting?

On my PC? and this is annoying that im need to type more then 20 charters.

Or buying a VPS from a company like Digital Ocean

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without pay yea I don’t have any money.

Self hosting is on your PC, yes.

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But it doesn’t be online 24/7

You can leave your PC online.

Then have you considered

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Btw do you know how to make Heroku running my bot on v11.5.1?

I’m sorry, but there is not really a good free, no strings attached way to host a bot.

What is it ?

Its another host.