Piracy. It's a Crime. - Website Recreation

Project URL: https://piracyitsacrime.glitch.me/

Remember this campaign before every film?

Well, for a recreation of the video I am making for YouTube, I recreated the ‘FEATURE FILMS’ site from it (Note: this isn’t a real piracy site and doesn’t download anything)

Let me know of any issues and I will try to fix them (I know it’s not mobile-friendly :joy:)
Hope you like it! :slight_smile: :glitch:
Note: if you want to use this for anything, feel free, but please give credit!


Please keep in mind that I have never used CSS grids, harldy ever use CSS and usually use Bootstrap! :joy:

Correction: Piracy. It’s not a crime.
lol jk

In the UK, it’s outright illegal. In India, a court ruled that it is absolutely not illegal. In the US, it’s still a grey area, as there’s been no precedent of anyone being convicted for copyright piracy after streaming copyrighted video content from an unsanctioned source.

Anyway, I didn’t make the video, just the recreation of the site. What do you think of it?


It looks good!


Yes. Yes.

You wouldn’t steal a car.
You wouldn’t steal a purse.
You wouldn’t steal a movie

PIRACY is Illegal

ok let’s check my knowledge of this

I could probably recreate the website to be exactly the same

edit: nice progress bar

Yo this is so cool! I remember seeing this PSA!!



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waht, WAHT, Also, in pennsylvania, it is generally illegal, just, not completely illegal

What if someone were to, uhm, pirate this website?


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:pirate_flag: :pirate_flag: :pirate_flag:

Please just note this:


There should be credit in credits.txt. If not, something went wrong in zipping.

I expected something to happen if you clicked download lol
Looks pretty accurate besides the loading bar


like really?


why did you download them?

tip: spam the download button, and watch the progress bar break


Cause you can’t host stolen files or a download page for stolen files on glitch so I was curious what would happen if the download finished.

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Lol, I actually had similar behavior when I added a fade in and out button to my music player. If you tapped it more than one you would get some weird volume changes.

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