Please add Node.js v13.0 to Glitch

Please add it to the site. I really wanna test out the new features of the latest one.

@MGPlayzYT, the latest node version that Glitch support is v10.5.3 and v13 is not yet installed, I believe. You can read more about it here:

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There is a way to install node but it would take a lot of research, time and would be a headache

I’ll give it a try

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Here is a link to an official download doc page

I plan to use the terminal to install

You will not be able to manually update the nodejs version, glitch does not give root access to projects so it will not be possible!

Maybe not, but it is fun trying

actually, just for the sake of it, i know that there is a way to do such, but i don’t remember…

you can install node with the tutorial here:

go down to ‘installing NVM’ for a non-sudo guide

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Please note that our Glitch project is currently running on Ubuntu 16.04, just in case.

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I am glad to say that it works on Ubuntu 16.04

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