Please help with how to code this text on glitch

How can I code all of the right page into existence?

Umm. We don’t spoon feed, but it is an svg.

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@glitch_support Can you help him?

@ErikG02 Look, being disrespectful will not get you anywhere, whether it is on the forums or in real life. If you listen to @chessebuilderman they can probably help.

@ErikG02 Wait, that’s actually a really neat page. I have something similar bookmarked that I can go find and it might point you in the right direction.

Are you able to highlight that text? Can you try to save the webpage?

EDIT: The book is Design Basics Index by Jim Krause, correct?

Alright, I dug up those bookmarks.

Even the “simpler” ones really do an excellent job with their presentation.

It’s all CSS. There are a lot of neat tricks you can do with how text can be layered and filtered. You can do especially cool animations with CSS as well such as wavy text, glitchy text, or even cinematic quality 3D animations.

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