Please improve your design placements


Tool bar bottom left is obstructing the fileview and shouldnt be placed there. Please reconsider the design logistic.



Yeah, I get the same issue. Also whenever I have the container stats and logs menus open at the same time.



If you want to consider making it cleaner then consider which buttons/features are most used and least. Example you can swap the position of Share with Tools at top left since tools is arguebly more used button than share
remove the share button completely, while the share functions can be added in the of the sidebar avatar element instead. makes more sense to me imo



combine the least amount of used features into 1 which is Share button and sidebar avatar/profile which serves little purpose.
profile/avatar is being overused as in having more than 1 button that serve same function, which to the extent that at least one of the profile are being underused and instead becomes a visual noise rather than being functional use



Hello @maidos thank you for your feedback.

The problem you note with respect to the new placement of the tools button has largely been alleviated with a second release; if you scroll to the bottom of the file list you’ll be able to see all the files without obstruction. If you’re not seeing that please let us know and we’ll take a closer look to make sure we’ve fully resolved the issues. Likewise @ArtifexYT, even with both the Logs and Container Stats panes open I can still view the full file list by scrolling all the way to the bottom, and if you don’t see that please let us know what browser and operating system you’re using so we can take a look.

As far as feature usage is concerned, which features are most used by community members as a whole are among the things we consider when making these design decisions. We also balance those concerns against other upcoming work to make the best design decisions for the greatest portion of community members that also accounts for features that we’re still working on but have yet to release. Based on all of those factors, we don’t have any current plans to make significant changes to the new Tools button layout, but I’ll make sure the rest of the team is aware of your suggestions.

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Windows 10 Home - Chrome Stable



This is what I see when scrolled all the way to the bottom of the file list with both the Logs and Stats panes open in Windows Chrome:

Do you see something different?



i litterally see no difference on my own project. still obstructive as ever.



Which browser and lperating system are you using @maidos?



firefox windows 10…



This is what I see on Windows Firefox, with the logs and container stats panes open and the filelist scrolled to the bottom:

Basically, when scrolled to the bottom of the filelist there’s some padding under the last file which pushes it above the Tools link so it’s not obstructed. If you scroll to the bottom of the filelist do you see something different? Can us send me a screenshot if so?



I see this at MacOs safari:

No problems :thinking:



still problem using firefox



Hey @maidos I think I might be miscommunicating here. What you’re seeing is expected behavior, and we don’t currently have any plans to change it.

Every design decision is a trade-off and we believe the overlay of the Tools and Rewind buttons over the items in the flie list is the most appropriate trade-off for this situation. If you scroll to the bottom of the file list so that you can see the last file, you should see that the last file is fully visible above the Tools and Rewind buttons, so all files in the file list are visible and accessible with a little scrolling in the list.

If you’re not having that experience (that is to say, if you find that you can’t access a file in your file list by scrolling the list a little in one direction or the other) please let us know so we can take a look. It would also be helpful to know the project name you’re seeing that problem on - I don’t think there’s anything project-specific that would cause a problem here, but it would be good to rule that out.