Please increase the disk space to 256MB

Hi, I have developed a small React + Redux “framework” that I would like to demo on my site. Gomix seems like a perfect tool for this. However I’m having trouble getting my example app working, as “npm install” is constantly running out of space.

I have trimmed down my package.json as much as possible, but it still fails to install on Gomix.

After running “npm install” locally with the same package.json, the resulting “node_modules” folder is about 87MB. However it seems that during the installation NPM creates several temporary files that push the space needed above the 128MB limit.

Yesterday I eventually got it to work by selectively adding dependencies to package.json, but then when I needed to upgrade one package (“kea” from “0.16.0” to “0.17.0”), it started throwing other errors (thread here: Changing a version in package.json causes a strange npm error)

Now I removed all the packages again, but even adding them one by one doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Here’s the app:!/project/kea-example

And here is a 5 minute screencast where you can see me struggle:

How could I solve this? I would really love to let people play with the example app on Gomix, but right now it’s not possible. Even if I do get it to work, what if the npm cache is cleared and the next user who tries the demo runs into the same npm disk space issues?

For me the ideal and simplest solution would be to simply increase the disk space quota from 128MB to 256MB.

Hi mariusandra,

while trying to answer your other question (about some kind of error while running npm install) I noticed the same behavior that you’re reporting here.

We understand that having more space would solve a lot of problems :slight_smile: but even if it is technically possible, it would pose additional burden for us in order to maintain Gomix free.

I investigated your specific case and found that there was a bug in our code that resulted in 70 megabytes of wasted space on your project. I cleared that, and moreover I changed the path of the npm cache. This way, you should be able to install your application correctly :slight_smile:

I see that this way you should have around 22M of free space.

Please let us know if you incur into any other trouble!

Thanks for reporting, and enjoy your time on Gomix :slight_smile:

Hey, thank you for investigating!

I understand the limitations increasing the available space will bring. Perhaps in a paid plan then? :wink:

In any case, the fixes you did solve the issue for me, so I’m grateful and the issue can be closed!

Thank you!