Please put back the old display of projects

Went into the dashboard and now you can only display 6 projects at a time - WHY!!!

I have 100 projects - I do like the colllections idea but without being able to see all the projects at once its a real pain to figure out what goes where.

PLEASE put an option back to see ALL projects all at once - please.

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I have 15 sets of 6 - really? Can we get back the option to expand to ALL PROJECTS like we could before??

I guess the solution would be to just search for projects.

Agree with @Jeff, I believe there was a “show all” button during some times.

It is quite difficult to remember the name of your projects when you have a lot, but easier when you re-read it. And I must admit that I am not using the description as much as I should.
But for comparison, it’s easier to find a project from your deleted ones because you can scann them all at once.

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Hi - thanks for the feedback on this, I really appreciate it and I passed it onto the team that works on the profile pages.