Please read this before posting, you might not have to post!

So, I see that many things are posted everyday, and a lot of people have the same questions, so I created this!

Tips and tricks
  • You could try searching the answer. There is a magnifying glass at the top-right of your screen.
  • If you are asking for code help, please show some code/unprivate your project. We can’t help you with your cod
Common Questions

I need you to remove my custom domain
Please email, we do not have control over custom domains.
I need you to remove my project
Please email, we do not have control over your project.
My custom domain is not working! Please help!
Custom domains are currently not working because’s custom domain service is not working.
My project fell asleep/stopped working after 5 minutes!
Glitch puts your projects to sleep after 5 minutes to keep Glitch fast. To avoid this, buy Glitch premium at
My project was suspended!
Please email, we don’t have control over projects.
I can’t private my projects!
Try following this tutorial by @milanmdev, otherwise please email

If I missed something, can you tell me what I missed please?


I need a feature request on the meta of Discourse for downvoting some topics like these

Yes, I guess it’s pretty obvious to say I don’t like those topics

I’m not being real here though so…

I kinda like answering questions

Anyways, I’d say you should expect one of these topics, so it’s totally fine for a newer glitcher to do this.

Well, that is a crappy thing to say.

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No I meant for the Scripting Support category in the roblox DevForum

I guess you can kinda understand me here, including the fact on that forum that there has been requests for downvoting ever since it started

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The point of this form is to be a place for people to get help in a friendly environment. Downvote buttons completely remove that shield that this form provides making everything really complicated. Anyhow that’s completely irrelevant to this thread and if you really believe in a downvote feature feel free to suggest it in the appropriate section(s).


It’d become like StackOverflow, which we don’t want


I kinda agree with you, StackOverflow is extremely strict about creating a topic, you need to write an essay in order to get help from someone, amidst stupid comments on your question, and the code and language concerned. And that includes flags like duplicate, not enough info, etc., which makes it even more unfriendly.

Don’t know why your post was flagged, there was nothing wrong with that duplicate :joy: joke :man_shrugging:


rip, I got all excited seeing that green 1 thinking someone marked my post as a solution.
It might be because I wrote [duplicate] so much…

yeah, half of SO responses are bad english and even worse code th

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Yep, Stackoverflow can be quite harsh, but it’s a good taste of the real world.


Speaking of searching I searched for faqs and found some
This one has been deleted or renamed I think
The repo has also been removed

I have a messy one

This is somehow a feature request :laughing:

Also we have a nice thread from here that takes a lot of searching to find because it keeps getting buried in latest

and also