Please remove custom domain

Hi, yesterday I register a custom domain in my project but, now I click in use custom domain and dont have any domain choosed. But if I write another time the domains says “is already registered for glitch”
The domain is:

Hey @DavidML16, Custom Domains are very much a beta feature, so they don’t offer all the tools you might hope for. Among the missing pieces is the ability to manage your domains once they’re added, so you won’t be able to see them or remove them - if you need one removed Glitch staff will have to take care of it for you. Sorry for the bother!

That domain is currently linked to, so if that’s the right project then you’re all set. If you’re looking for the domain you need for your DNS settings you can use instead - it’s interchangeable with whatever domain name you were provided with.

This is what I have in Freenom, but dont work.

Ah yes, that Freenom screen is a little confusing. What you’ve configured there is an address for - the part in the Name field is the sub domain you want to use. If I recall correctly if you just want the address to work I think you’ll need to use an “A” record instead of a “CNAME”, and you’ll need the IP address associated with the / domain, which you can find using a tool like DIG online. We discuss that briefly in our custom domains article.

Hope this helps!

Ok, now works well! But its any way to get a ssl certificate and assign to the domain here?

That domain should have ssl built-in provided by; works fine for me. Are you seeing something different?

No, but its any way to force https? redirect all http to https

Hey @DavidML16 that’s not straightforward when using a Glitch Custom Domain, but if you configure the domain in manually you can force HTTPS.

I configure with Cloudflare and I think works well.