Please remove domain for

I have this problem too,
Can you remove mine?
Project name: hlamovies
Domain names: 1.

Please remove them.

Edit 1: I’ve added more domains such as:
but it still not working
All domains aren’t working was working yesterday, but when I’ve accessed it today it shows me this:
Error finding an IP Address for is still working.

Edit 2: is working now, but is still not working
may you remove it

Thanks for Reading.

Hi @HeemPlayz, I’ve removed the two domains from your deleted project.

Hi There,

I’ve got a free domain .tk and made it to
and I’ve added it to glitch but now whenever i try access it it says Project Not Found
So i just want from one of the lovely staff to remove these domains

    So it would be available again

Project name: hlamovies (It’s private, I will only give the staff the invite link, if it is not needed, it will be easier)

Thanks for Reading

Edit: I remixed my previous project and deleted it and i named the remixed project
thinking that it will fix the problem