Please remove domain

Please remove domain from all.


It looks like you deleted the project it was attached to, so I’ve removed the custom domain from that project. You should be all set.

It says to me “ is already registered for glitch”. I don’t have any CNAME or nameservers.
I can’t register my domain.

That’s says to me is already registered.

Hi @KOSTA, the domain was still registered on a project as * and, both of which I just removed. Please let us know if you continue to have issues!

You can remove the domain “” please? I registered only “” and “”, I wanna be a “” like that. only “” remove. it says me that’s registered

Hi @KOSTA, I think I got this figured out. Give it a try now and let me know how it goes!


Hi @lyzidiamond, I got banned from Discord. My IP’s host banned. I can’t run discord bot. You can change the host ip. The error is Error: Something took too long to do.
Sorry about all these requests.
I see this issue Discord.JS "Something took too long to do" Error topic.

My Project Name: fivemisrael
Thanks, @KOSTA