Please remove this emoji from the editor

@glitch_support Like really? image
Also please hard delete this project mahogany-sycamore-deleted

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@MKDev and @anon6347983, you guys know that it’s just Glitch’s default commit message and you can always change it, right?

100% affirmative :slight_smile:

hey there - sorry you ran into that, that is definitely not a friendly emoji. we use this package i made for only displaying friendly emoji:!/friendly-emoji?path=src/friendly-emoji.js:1:11

that particular emoji is not on the list, so i’m going to double check and make sure the editor is pulling from that particular list.

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@khalby786 Yeah, I understand that. But what I’m trying to say is that a middlefinger emoji is not really friendly. Since this is a friendly community.

Oh yeah, I agree with that, I didn’t notice it.

It is a commit message for GitHub, but is a middle finger emoji friendly? I would be kind of mad if I saw that and I see that it is a “friendly” emoji package.

I don’t see that emoji anymore in the project mentioned above, which means that it must have been removed, right @jenn?

And @code-alt, as I already said above, I didn’t see that emoji in the screenshot @anon6347983 said.

@khalby786 Yes, I belive it was removed in the past few days.

It was never there to begin with - but we’re keeping an eye out to make sure it doesn’t come up somehow again.

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@jenn @glitch_support This one doesn’t really seem to appropriate. :bikini: I saw it in this!/friendly-emoji?path=src/friendly-emoji.js:1:11

@khalby786 can you confirm about the previous emoji?

No, it hasn’t been changed yet.

middle finger emoji?



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