Please reset console for my project, I messed up!


So I made a request to Mapbox for directions and mixed up the lat/long for one of the points, and then console.logged the entire response to the console. Because the lat/long was switched for one point, it gave me a 5000+ point response and overflowed the console. Now everytime I reload the page I can’t do anything because it is too overwhelmed with loading the console. Thanks and sorry about this mistake!


Also should add that hitting the Clear button doesn’t actually go through because the pages freezes


I cleared it for you. Hmm, wait a minute. I guess it’s not a simple as I thought…


Okay, now it’s really cleared. It turns out the Clear button only clears them in the UI. If you refresh the editor, they’re still there. Right now logs only get deleted when the project goes to sleep.