Please restore to previous project version


please restore my previous project.

I imported new version of github repos but ultimately destroyed my database file aswell, can you please undo this and restore before i imported the files

restore before 10.55 PM CET 14th january, which is roughly a bit over 4 hours ago based on this post timestamp.
Project name: artxpbot

thanks in advance.


Sorry for the bother! We can definitely restore your project to an earlier version. Here are two likely candidate timestamps (UTC):

  1. 2019-01-14T21:56:28.000Z
  2. 2019-01-14T02:56:45.000Z

There’s a pretty wide gap there but nothing between them. If you let us know which you prefer we can certainly restore it.


2019-01-14T21:56:28.000Z which is earliest. thanks


I don’t think that’s the earlier of the two. That one is from nearly 10 pm utc but the other is closer to 3 am utc.

I’ve restored the one you requested (#1 above); please take a look. It that one’s too late let us know and we can restore #2.


indeed that wasnt the earlierst. please restore to the earliest of 14th January


I restored #2 above; please take another look.

The earliest from 2019-01-14 is a decent time period earlier than that one, from 2019-01-14T00:08:19.000Z


Sweet, i got my old database back, thanks for everything.
I just need to learn how to update repos without losing my database file permanently which is located in /data when i import repos