Plz i need help cmd does not recognize the discord.js

Everytime i try to run the command node main.js it says that does not recognize discord.js
(i’m trying to make a discord bot online, all the other things are right, i have installed discord.js and all the things required, just it doesn’t recognizes it :frowning:

Have you installed it using npm i discord.js?

With the ‘‘i’’ nope,
Should i try that way?

i and install are aliases, it doesn’t matter which one.

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damn, i already did it


No it doesn’t matter haha

Have you tried pnpm? Is Discord.js in your package.json?

Nah we didn’t actually read the post content correctly, it says that OP installed it. Must be a code failure.

Weird. Is there a random space or a blank character screwing things up?

At the end i ended up just moving the things manually to the proyect. So i guess i was just stupid cause that was the way i had to or i’m a genius for resolving the thing by myself