Pnpm latest version?

Hello I’m new to using glitch and just installed pnpm. Is this still the most up to date version? I’m a little concerned of how many vulnerabilities there are… also am I supposed to set up pnpm and install dependencies and set up locally, then put in a git repo and import? I cant seem to find any official documentation or tutorials but I keep seeing on forums that I need to do some command in the glitch terminal

Hi Kentaro,

My understanding (which may be wrong) is that you don’t need to use pnpm for local development; it’s just a tool choice made by Glitch to save space/resources, but it’s totally compatible with using npm instead.

Set up your project for local development as you usually would.

I noticed that your GitHub project is at GitHub - PlasmNetwork/dusty-faucet-glitch: dusty faucet discord bot for deploying on glitch server. While you’re the most recent contributor, are you sure you have full permissions on that project?

I would try forking it to your personal profile, and trying to import that repository to Glitch. After you do so, let us know if you have any errors :slight_smile:

Hope it helps.

Thanks! I made that post in another forum but thanks for replying here! I cloned it to my own personal repo so that I have full control but I still can’t seem to deploy!

Here is my repo: Pnpm latest version?

here is where I am stuck::

Can I also have these archived ones deleted please? I could delete the contents and restart but I don’t want the items in the terminal to mess with me and take up space

here is my repo: GitHub - VadneyK/dusty-faucet-glitch: local dusty-faucet-glitch

it worked when I imported the original repo to an existing project. Think I was just capped at the 5 project max but the error toast did not pop up when I did the git import to start, but it did show up when I tried to start with some template or remix.

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