PocketRSS: RSS feeds in your pocket, literally


RSS in your pocket, literally.

I made PocketRSS because my Kobo Libra did not have an RSS newsreader, however, it did have a pocket section (Under the latest version of NickelOS, it’s located on More -> My Articles)

How to set it up

Due to Pocket only allowing OAuth 2.0 instead of Personal API Keys, it’s a bit more complicated.

  1. Create a new app. You will need to give it the following permissions:
  • Application Name: [Anything you want]
  • Application Description: [Anything you want]
  • Permissions:
    • Add
  • Platforms:
    • Web
  • I accept the Terms of Service: Yes.

  1. Place your “Consumer Key” in your .env file as POCKET_CONSUMER_KEY
  2. Place your domain name (or IP address) that pocketrss is running on as DOMAIN in your .env file.

After steps 3 and 4, your .env file should look like this:

  1. Start the server and visit /getoAuthToken. It will redirect you to a page like this:
  2. Set POCKET_OAUTH_TOKEN in your .env file to the API token it gives you.

At the end of this, your .env file should something like this:


Your config

Here is the config.js but commented to show it how it works:

module.exports = {
  feeds: [
    // Array of atom/rss URLs
  // every n ms will the feeds will be fetched. To get minutes, take min * 60000 to get milliseconds. Seconds is sec * 1000.
  interval: 900000,
  // the port that pocketrss will be listening.
  port: 3000

(also, sorry for the spaghetti code, I’m lazy)

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