Populate or recreate `.env` file upon repo cloning

I like the new project creation method clone-from-repo:


But it has one drawback, it’s impossible to populate environment variables on cloning in such a way as it was possible on import method:

  1. Could you implement this feature or at least just recreate the default .env file?

  2. Do you have a clone-from-repo button asset?

Hey @Chilace thanks for the feedback. I can definitely see where the current behavior is less than desirable, and I think it’s something we would consider adding, but I’m not sure when we might be able to get to that. In the meantime, the source project that handles those clone-mixes is public: https://glitch.com/~clone-from-repo. If you were so motivated you could remix that project, add the .env file handling, and use that in your #!/remix url instead of clone-from-repo

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