Port Issues / Help

Hello, I’m hosting a Discord bot here and I need two ports. By default, Glitch uses port 3000 to run on. I’m using that port to ping the project every ten seconds to ensure it doesn’t go offline. I’m also running a Lavalink server in the backend of my code and I need a port. You’re unable to use the same port, therefore I won’t have anything to run that on. Are there any ports I’m able to use that are open or any NPM modules I can use to open a port with?

As per previous support posts, I’m able to use express-ws to handle WebSockets for my bot. Also, I’m unsure if 3500 is open?

Hi @ArtifexYT, Glitch only opens a single port to the outside world. As you noted it’s commonly port 3000 (although that can change under some circumstances).

I’m unsure of how Lavalink works under the covers, but you may be able to use a reverse proxy like http-proxy to map requests to paths in your app to ports your app listens to locally.

Basic configuration for lavalink:

const lavalink = {
  domain: "<domain>",
  port: //port
  password: "mynamejeff"