Ports besides 443/80

I’ve stood up let’s chat on Glitch. The basic functionality works just fine, but I’m interested in using the XMPP feature. This exposes XMPP services on a configurable port - 5222 by default. As best I can tell, it is working, but not routed publicly. Is there any way to expose that port at the project’s endpoint, so that myproject.glitch.me:5222 is exposed in addition to :443?


There’s currently no way to connect to arbitrary ports in your Glitch apps from the internet. It is something we would like to explore in the future but we don’t have a definite timeline on when.

In the meantime there may be an http or websocket protocol that your app could handle for equivalent functionality, but I know this has tradeoffs and limits interoperability with some existing clients.

Thanks for sharing, and if more people have the same problem we’ll increase the priority of our exploration of this :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking this under consideration. Such a feature would set Glitch apart from many other free services. Here are a few of those other services that only offer HTTP(S):

  • Codeanywhere
  • Heroku
  • Google app engine

I don’t doubt that it would be challenging to develop, but I wish you luck. Please count me as one of those interested people.


I also want this to be a feature, as I am making an email server for my group of game developers.

This is true of you are only taking about Glitch, but otherwise you can install https://ngrok.io and tunnel.

The problem with doing this for something like an email server is that the email protocol probably doesn’t include the information that would let you figure out how to route the traffic.