Possibility to host https://invert-pdf.club/ on Glitch

Hi there, silly question i am sure but can Glitch host all the relevant files needed to fork https://invert-pdf.club/ from Github?

My objective is to use Glitch to test a modified layout of https://invert-pdf.club/ for uploading my PDFs for conversion and store resultant PDFoutputs in the assets folder. I will then create a new glitch page to view the PDFs in another layout.

I’m guessing this might be too much for a GlitchPro account? ( Note: I have a paid user account). Thankyou for any clarifications.

Short answer: maybe.

Long answer: It looks like it uses Docker for the default installation. Thats great and all, but Docker cannot be used on Glitch. It also looks like for manual installation you need a few programs from apt which Glitch doesn’t support. However, these programs might already be on Glitch, I recommend that you check.

Other than that, if those programs are installed, you might be able to. Let me know if you need help.