Postmortem Reports After Incidents

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Every time an incident or outage happens, there’s always one question that comes up: “why/how did it happen?”. Whenever such a question has been asked, the Glitch Staff has happily explained it, but it would be nice if it was posted on as a postmortem report. There’s an inbuilt feature in status pages created using that allows you to add a postmortem report to an incident once it is resolved. This eliminates the general question and also keeps the community informed of why it happened.

Do we need postmortem reports?

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Im going to take my (last) vote on this topppic yyyeaaaahhh

I’d like this feature

It would be nice, but I’m not sure glitch can share or knows why these happen.


They’ve actually done it in the past. Like the reason behind the downtimes 3-4 months back was because of pinging.


Sometimes they stick a sort of postmortem on a Glimmer. Maybe they could post it on both?