Prebuilt binaries + modules + not working

I woke up right now and I re-install all modules. I can say glitch has a problem in database.


node v8.15.1, npm 6.4.1

> better-sqlite3@7.1.1 install /app/node_modules/better-sqlite3

> prebuild-install || npm run build-release

prebuild-install WARN install No prebuilt binaries found (target=8.15.1 runtime=node arch=x64 libc= platform=linux)

> better-sqlite3@7.1.1 build-release /rbd/pnpm-volume/954a0d6d-5c6e-4f6a-ad4e-a9d45af14b52/node_modules/better-sqlite3

> node-gyp rebuild --release

make: Entering directory '/rbd/pnpm-volume/954a0d6d-5c6e-4f6a-ad4e-a9d45af14b52/node_modules/better-sqlite3/build'

TOUCH b857c92884e9598d609f6be182a2595df7a8e00f.intermediate

ACTION deps_sqlite3_gyp_locate_sqlite3_target_extract_sqlite3 b857c92884e9598d609f6be182a2595df7a8e00f.intermediate

TOUCH Release/

CC(target) Release/ 

message is loaded for events.
ready is loaded for events.
afk is loaded.
approve is loaded.
arşiv is loaded.
botladmat is loaded.
cmd is loaded.
consider is loaded.
deny is loaded.
implemented is loaded.
mesajsil is loaded.
profil is loaded.
suggest is loaded.
suggestion is loaded.

Commands are loading but not working. At the same time console is not sending log “your project is online now” .