Private assets?

I’m thinking of writing some sort of CMS, where the content can include images. But if I understand correctly, the assets would be copied if someone clones the project. I’d like the images to be private. Is there a way to do this?

I tried putting them in .data but I got an error about being out of space. It’s only about 70MB though, I thought we had more storage?

One solution I suppose is to host the images myself somewhere else, and tweak the tags so they point to that. It’d be nice though if I could do everything in one service.

The .data folder is the place to save data you don’t want copied in a remix. There’s 128Mb of space on the project, but that includes all files like your change history in the .git folder etc. So you can free-up space by removing/pruning other files and folders. However, if that’s not enough space then you might consider a third-party service like DigitalOcean’s Spaces - here’s an example project using that service on Glitch:

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Thank you! For now I shrunk my content a bit and it fits. I’ll have to look at these third-party services eventually (unless you add this as a feature for a future paid tier before I grow to that size).