Private projects not starting after losing Glitch Pro

Not even going to be nice: This is dumb. I paid for Pro already, I don’t want to have to pay every month to secure my projects.

I’d like to hear from Glitch on why this was added. It’s annoying for those that don’t autorenew (me). I don’t want to have to watch projects I need private break after my subscription ends.

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This feature dates back to December 2020 when we launched an improved access control feature for Glitch Pro subscribers. For when subscriptions lapse, we decided that the ideal, safest route for your code was to keep it private to you but shut it down instead of unlocking it and making it all public.

I’m not sure what you’d want to hear from us except something probably just as “dumb,” like “we added this because we are a business” – but I do understand your wanting privacy without having to pay for it, and I’ll definitely voice that for you in any future conversations we have about Glitch Pro offerings.


I’m calling it dumb because I never saw anything in my time on Glitch Pro telling me when my subscription ends my private projects lock- in fact, as a long-time Glitch user, I was confused. Older private projects don’t do that at all, they stay open after your subscription ends.