Private Projects won't private while in the editor

I saw the other topic, but I can’t find it anymore, so…

Yes, in the editor, you can usually set the project to private. But on reload/refresh, it un-privates itself. I know how to get around it (via the project page). but yeah, I don’t know if this has been actually reported yet.

So, post are being spam reported now.

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Code just said something that is kind of abuse.

“ya’ll I got more flagging power…”

Edit: Code flagged this, which kind of makes him look bad,



I’m sorry that you couldn’t update your projects to Private.

This is a bug that our team is working to fix now. If you check you projects today and still cannot set them to private, please Contact Support via our Help Center.


Thank you!

How is that thread off-topic? @code-alt? The thread was off topic, but the comments were not.

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That’s wierd, it works for me!
I make the project private, reload, and it’s still private!

Let’s just talk about privating projects, eh?

If you head to the project main page, it will let you private there. Its a weird glitch on the editor. But the project page works for privating.

This bug should now be fixed. You should be able to make your project private via either the Project Page or within the Project Editor.


Recently, the new projects I make private automatically switches automatically back to public. I do not know why this happens. I changed my password, thinking someone’s in my account but I think it’s a glitch with GLITCH. People can steal stuff from my project, I hope this issue gets fixed ASAP.

You could go to the project page ({PROJECT_NAME}) and click on the lock icon. Worked for me.


This seems to be a recurring issue, if this persists, you should contact


Going to the project page? Or using the editor? You never specified.
So, you deleted your reply…

Calm down. Please read the thread before replying. No one is in your account. Just a little Glitch. And put all the things you need private in and env file.


I am able to make projects private from the editor again!