Pro Beta Tester

I was interested in becoming a beta tester for the pro program:

However when on the page it asks for my email, I did not sign-up for glitch with my email I did so via the GitLab extension (login via Gitlab) so to see what email was associated with my account I went to my account settings:

and it only displayed the option to remove my account from glitch. It did not allow an email, so I thought it must be the email attached to Gitlab (it was not) so the question becomes:

How do I link this account to the beta testing for PRO?

Looking at the page again it seems my account is logged in the top right corner, why cant we just link to our account someway, a “join button” would be easy for accounts already logged in.

Hi! We’ll be reaching out via email to let you know if you’re in the beta group, so there’s no further action you need to take beyond submitting an email that will reach you there!

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Thanks for the response @jenn however I think you misunderstood the issue, my email is not linked to this account, my Gitlab is.

They will contact you with further information regarding the program. I’m sure you will be able to link your account from there. :slight_smile:

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Yep, what @edwrddd said!

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I’ve been waiting for this moment for years! Have to admit glitch is better than some paid plan VPS’s out there. Will surely be interested in paid plans in the future


I keep stalking my inbox… lol


How long do we wait? Is there a specific date?/?

Hey it rhymes, lol

None that we are aware of, but soon I hope.

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Hopefully soon…