Problem connecting cmy glitch project to the corresponding GitHub repo


I am trying to connect my glitch project to the corresponding GitHub repo.
I am getting:

400: undefined
Database Error. Please report this id to Glitch Support: 8366534e97fdd534


The repo is . I am one of the admins for the organisation mobily-enterprises.

Thank you!

Hi @mercmobily, it looks like you’ve encountered a situation where we can’t tell what Glitch / GitHub accounts to match up. Can you tell me you GitHub username or ID so we can take a look and see where things have gotten confused?

Oh absolutely!
My GitHub username is mercmobily – the project is owned by a Github organisation I am part of, mobily-enterprises. The glitch project is mobily-enterprises-tpe-examples.

I assume the problem might be that I don’t own the GitHub project directly. However, in the GitHub dialog, I mare 1000% sure I gave Glitch permissions to to organisation as well.