Problem with A-Frame + Express?

I’m unsure what the exact issue is here, but this project!/ar-wasm-playground?path=package.json:4:0 is seems to be failing on pnpm installing A-Frame (which is strange because I seem to remember having used A-Frame in this manner, via npm, in other Glitch projects)

The error is specificially:

 ERROR  Could not resolve 8ccc532b7 to a commit of git://

Yet, that’s wrong — the commit is indeed available: github[dot]com/dmarcos/document-register-element/commit/8ccc532b7

Unsure how to debug this further. npm install works locally, I’m GH importing from this project I created:

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As a temporary workaround, if you run enable-npm from the console then it’ll use npm rather than pnpm and that doesn’t seem to have a problem with the aframe package. I’ll ask someone on the team about what’s up with pnpm’s reaction to it.

Thanks @Gareth, that interim solution worked!