Problem with a glitch project

Hello everyone, now i went to modify my “Discord Bot” project but it’s stuck on “Starting. Waking up” and keep reloading for a almost a hour. want to know how to fix this issue or if there is a problem with Glitch itself anyway heres my glitch project:

Hi @Ricardo253, welcome to the Glitch Forums!

I think the problem you’re seeing is that your project never loads the code that sets up the Express app and starts the webserver listening to the appropriate port. This code does that, but that code’s never reached because its not called in app.js where your Glitch project starts.

If you add something like const listener = require('./express.js'); to the top of app.js your project should start successfully.

Hope this helps!

right, thanks, i added that but now it’s giving “Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘/app/views/index.html’”

Yes, that’s expected, because you don’t have a file at that location (views/index.html). If you want an actual webpage then you’ll want to put the file for the page in that location. If you just want it to stop trying to restart and to have basic output you could change that line to response.send('OK');

@Ricardo253 look at this app.js. You need to have a file in a folder views. Just simply put views/index.html in new file dialog glitch will automatically create folder for you.