Problem with applications



I have an problem with my app, when I try to request (GET) js file, from another js file, it gives me ERR::ABORTED in chrome console, is it my fault? Or it’s issue with Glitch in general?

Best regards, John

Cant recieve data from jQuery get command

Sounds like a problem with your code - share your project name and we can take a look.


It’s private (as I’m holding my discord token there), but I can send you share link in private message


Sure, please do. If you click on my avatar you should see the option.


Uhh, I don’t see private message option


Oh, nevermind, gained badges and unlocked this option :smiley:


In panel.html you reference index.js in the public directory, but there’s no index.js file in that directory so you get a 404 error. Your discord.js file also references the index.js file too. The only index.js in your project is in the root directory and is a server-side file, so it looks like you’re missing a client-side index.js file.


So how can I call functions from “root” index.js ? Is there a way to do this ?


You want to create routes that return the information those functions create or get. So for example, in your app, take a look at the GET route for /dreams on line 20 in server.js. That outputs the content of the dreams array. You’d want to do similar for outputting the guild data.