Problem with going on friend's project

I go onto this project,, and it says too many requests.
How can I bypass this? Please let me know

Hey there, welcome to the Glitch community! All non-boosted projects have a 4,000 request limit every hour. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait an hour for the request limit to reset.

so there is no member ship to bypass it

You can always upgrade to boosted apps to bypass this.

It’s been more than an hour so it might be someone is being annoying and firing requests at an abnormal rate to keep the project inaccesible, perhaps check the logs to see where a majority of the requests are coming from.
Also if you have something realtime you might want to use a websocket instead of firing XHR requests quickly if you’re doing that as that eats up your request quota quickly (ahem syncthing).

How do I clone a glitch website? Because the project im trying to get on recieves TOO MANY REQUESTS and its so annoying! Website =

In the editor, click the project’s name, then click remix.

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I search and it says no results

even tho its on glitch,

Your friend has made it private so you can’t clone it

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I go on and it is a thing on glitch but it says no results and Im trying to remix/clone it

As said before, this is 100% intentional because the project is private so not everyone can find the project.

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