Problem with json


Hi i have problem but i have this: /opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 43: null: command not found

How to repair this i write “scripts”: {
“start”: “node bot.js”


Any help with this problem


Do you have a file called bot.js in project’s root directory? From the screenshot it looks like there’s a Bot.js file within the js directory. If that’s the file you intend to call, then you start command should be ‘node js/Bot.js’

And it should be scripts not script as you have in package.json in the screenshot.


Yes i have bot.js and in deskop too



And did correcting script to scripts help?


nope, same error, i created new project and add scripts, the same problem


Ok, we’ll take a look - since your project is private, either make it public temporarily or DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.




Thanks for providing that. I remixed the project and fixed script to scripts as suggested above, and this resolved the issue. Please change “script” to “scripts” on line 5 in your package.json file.


Then i change to scripts and i have


That’s an error from Discord - it looks like the credentials you’re providing are incorrect.


it means ? Discord error files ?


You should have a client.login() in your code that connects to Discord and that uses a token provided by Discord. That token either doesn’t exist, is incorrect or no longer valid.


i can t find this login


Where to find it is described in this tutorial:


i use discord bot maker


You still have to register your bot and use a token though, right?


yes, im register the bot and use an glitch token


It’s not a Glitch token - the token you need comes from Discord. See the above linked tutorial for details of where it is.