Problem with sharing

hi, i had a problem with sharing my project into wix.
i made a vr video project in glitch, and it works. But when i share the link to my wix page, it just show a black solid. it only works in my project page…
how can i solve this problem?

this is my project

When I view your project, it first does become a black solid area but then it becomes a VR frame after a few moments. Could you please share a link to your Wix website?

It’s black for a few moments, then it works just fine.

Isn’t that what I said? Posting replies saying the same thing is not helpful at all.

sorry i didn’t see your reply.
No need to be rude

Apologies for that but what made me mad was that this is not the only instance of you posting some unhelpful. Sorry about that again.

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oh thanks! i can see in safari, but in chrome it doesn’t work.
sorry but my wix domain doesn’t work now

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I am able to run your project on Chrome without any issue. :thinking:

really? it’s strange.
Does it work in video format?
cause in my safari, it’s just a still image.


thank you! i think it’s a problem of version. how can i fix it…hmm