Problem with starting the project

Hello. I have a problem starting the project
pops up message “Could not find node null, using 10.” My project (name: innovation) Please help :slight_smile:

It appears that your project is private. However, could you please send us your package.json

@xArczi00 That sounds familiar! All you need to do is move the node statement in your package.json file out of the dependencies, and into the engines section, like this:

"engines": {
"node": "^12.8.1" //whatever version

This post should explain what’s going on and how to fix it in more detail:

As @cori outlines in the above post, what you’re seeing is probably a warning and not actually an error, so I don’t think it should be breaking your code – if your project still isn’t starting after you’ve changed the package.json and the message has vanished (or if you have any trouble changing the package.json ) let me know and we’ll keep debugging! Good luck!

Hey @xArczi00 as others have noted the “Could not find node” message isn’t causing any problems with your project. As far as starting up is concerned you’re running into this problem because you don’t have anything listening to the port Glitch opens. You can resolve that by adding something to listen - you already have Express installed in your dependencies, so this sample express config should get you started down the right path.

I also see that you’re getting some memory leak errors. Those probably have nothing to do with your project’s constant restarting, but they may become an issue down the road. That particular message usually means that you’re binding too many listeners to the same events. Sometimes that happens when you bind event handlers inside a loop, but in your case I just think you have more client.on('message') event handlers than Node thinks you should have. If you can combine any of those handlers into a fewer number of handlers that do more stuff that might be a good place to start.

Hope this helps!