Problem with uploading GitHub repository

Me and my friend made a website and wanted to upload it. The problem is, when I choose ‘import from GitHub’ option and give it a link(GitHub - MarkusMagpie/final_project: Наша с Никитой последняя работа Яндекс Практикум) it didn’t read it. It just created a basic file without any from repository. If I am right I’ll be able to type after I fix this, but currently I can’t
Would appreciate any help

Hi @MarkusMagpie! Are you sure you are importing the correct repo? Try using this link:
If the issue persists, please contact or create a help ticket on or ping @ glitch_support

PS: The project name will not default instantly to “final_project”, you need to get it from the sidebar or select “Preview” > “Preview on new page”

This link gives the same infinite screen. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, not so sure

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