Probleme avec mon bot discord!

Hello I have a problem with my bot I would solve it on your site, my bot does not stay connected to use it on discord! Help me plz

@MrCHAT12 can you share your project name? We can help you to find the problem

Hmm, if you’re having an issue with a discord bot using a certain library I suggest you check the docs of that library (see javascript tag so I assume either discord.js or Eris) and make sure your code is correct. If your still sure your code is correct then I’m sure one of the Glitch users can take a look at your code. You can also ask in the Discord Api Server (

Hey @MrCHAT12, welcome to the Glitch forum!

Can you give us some more details about what you’re seeing (including your project name) for folks to be able to help out? Also, do you have UptimeRobot configured?

Name the project is tridentbot

I can’t find it. You have it private