Problems hosting node.js on https and glitch


Can someone help me puttion a messenger webhook online? I read all the facebook developpers stuff and still can’t host my meesenger-webhook built localy by ssh with facebook developpers directions.
Could not find node ~4.1.2, using 10


Hey @RastaDjuss, can you give us a little more detail on what’s going on? The error message you posted is pretty typical - it just means that whatever package.json file you started with was asking for a version of NodeJS that we no longer support, so we used our default version (10.x) instead. Unless your project is doing something that’s not supported in NodeJS 10 that shouldn’t be causing any problems.

If you can share your project name we can probably look in more detail and might be better able to help. Or if there are other messages in the logs you can share that might also help.


Im trying to host a local installation of node.js
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_‘m running node.js on local following the facebook developpers instructions. Then they say to host it on https and thats what i’m trying to do my project is: linen-armadillo. The package.json has a wrong version request at the bottom. I can’t copy directories so i couldn’t bring node_mudules in just index.js. I copied my key but i’ m not sur if i’m supposed to keep or remove the <> within the “” “<your_token_here>”.

It’s for a Messenger-webhook


You definitely want to remove the “<>” characters; what you have looks good to me as far as I can tell.

I’d suggest changing

  "engines": {
    "node": "~4.1.2"


  "engines": {
    "node": "10.x"

and also click on the Packages button at the top and accepting the updates there. That will get you up-to-date and we can see what’s going on from there. I don’t see any other errors in the logs; what should be happening that’s not?