Problems with my project

Hello, I am here because a few days ago my project has been having problems, first it would stay on the loading screen for hours, then it started to work, but now the error `Error: Cannot find module ‘express’ appears and now the module does not work I had already installed it and tried on the console and the error continues to appear.

my project name is: kae-console

Please help!

Glitch is having a few issues with NPM packages, it should be over sooner or later.

Also every time it is restarted it falls in a loop it says that I have exceeded the memory limit and it returns and restarts again.

how to fix this (only temp)

  • type enable-pnpm in your terminal which will redownload all your packages
  • for memory issues (if disk) type git prune & git gc if those don’t work then type rm -rf .git which will remove your .git which is pretty much old copies of your project.

this is only temporary bc glitch keeps installing packages.

Ready if I work to solve the “express” npm but now when establishing the connection with the discord bot the memory usage rises from one moment to another.


hm, that’s very odd…

Maybe if I hope a moderator can review it and help me?

For a quicker response you could try emailing or creating a ticket via Happyfox