Project/App "Not Found"

Hello. I’ve just started to use Glitch for the freeCodeCamp Node lessons.

I can edit the files, but I’m getting ‘Not Found’, and so obviously freeCodeCamp can’t see it either.

The project is:

There’s no code to implement the server to handle routing or anything. From the myApp.js file comments, it looks like they intend you to write that code, and so the ‘Not Found’ message you’re getting is intentional and something you’ll make go away as you progress with the instructions. If you’re struggling, link us to the tutorial you’re following and we can take a look.

Ah. Ignore me. I got things mixed up, and I was trying to do the ‘Managing Packages’ lessons with the “Basic Node and Express” template. Oh dear.

Thanks, Gareth, for taking a look.