"project arrascraft-io-backup suspended: Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support."

aaa it give me this error when going to the project page and i cant even load the project in the editor

refreshing the editor dosent help

Hmm… We’re having trouble connecting. Try refreshing?

just this same error

ik its related to others but i need a fix… and what happend to the old thing when it was full where it just wouldnt start with a failed to start error and you could get in the editor and fix it bc this is WAY more annoying then the old way
the old way was: stop project let u do stuff
now it full? prm deleet it
SOOO fuqing annoying bc for some reason apparently rewinds are counted in disc space so all projects are like ticking time bombs and what i used to do was just coppy it all onto a new one but we cant do that if its unviewable

I’ve temporarily raised the disk space limit on this project to give you 24 hours to clean it up. I’m not somewhere I can look to see what’s causing the space issues, but I’d suggest looking at your project’s git repo to see if that’s the cause, and running git prune and git gc in the console if so. If that’s the issue also make sure you’re ignoring any files that change regularly or you end up right back where you started.

I understand your frustration, but in future please keep it civil in the discussion topics.

hmm thanks for the ideas but nothin is working i even deleted some files and junk but the disc is still at 25% {25%, 242/984MB} (where it started when u icreesed the disc) so do ou know any oter things i can try

I’ll take a look when I’m somewhere I can see your project’s console and let you know what I find.

In the meantime you can try du -h —max-depth=1 which might give you an idea of where the space is being consumed.

du: cannot access ‘max-depth=1’: No such file or directory

That should be two dashes before “max”; my iPad forces that into an em-dash which probably doesn’t copypasta very well into the console.

oh thanks that works

$ du -h --max-depth=1
12K ./.config
4.0K ./bin_conflict_34a8beb09b88
16K ./bin
235M ./arrasio
4.0K ./bin_conflict_3654ce5a31c3
8.0K ./backup
5.2M ./.git
4.0K ./bin_conflict_a20718be2039
4.0K ./.data
241M .

ok better