Project brassy-thursday not loading

Projects not loading - just spinning.

Also I have concerns. This month of November has been filled with issues with Glitch. I love this service and don’t want to look elsewhere - I am even willing to pay for access. My question is - will this be rectified for good? I have some porjects that are critical and need to them to be up and running. Thanks for all you do - just have some big concerns.

Actually NONE of my porjects will load. What else do you need to look at them

Hey @Jeff,

Are you still facing the issue?

At this point I can get into the projects no problem but see the attachement - this project wasn’t available for hours from the 19th to the 21st it looks like - then was not found again today. Why?

Hi @Jeff,

Is this screenshot related to brassy-thursday? Or did this happen on another project?