Project Cant run


In te screen - this whell it is rotating all , and my project doesnt work, somebody know what it is and how to repair it?

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Hello @Czesio321, Welcome to the Glitch community!

Usually this can be a problem with the project that will require a staff member to restart the project completely, in the mean time, can you try again later, and if that does not work, make sure to let a staff member (@cori ) know about this so he can take a further look!

– Callum OKane

  • Glitch community helper.
  • Discord bot developer.

All time its doesnt work, can somebody with support help me, or restart my project, what i have to do?

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Hey @Czesio321 the constantly-spinning icon next to the Show button often means that your project isn’t listening to a port to be able to show your project publicly. Code like what you see in this sample Express config is one example of a working configuration.

If you’d like someone to take a look we’ll need your project name.


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Yep, that’s exactly the problem. By design Glitch keeps restarting your project until it sees something listening on the opened port. Your bot itself doesn’t ever listen to a port, so you need something else to listen there to let Glitch know everything’s ok. You’re already installing Express, so if you add something like the config I pointed to your project will start listening to the port Glitch expects and Glitch will stop restarting your project.

Hope this helps!


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all time doesnt work … :frowning: Check pls whats is wrong <removed>

MOD EDIT: remove link to private data

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Yep, that’s what you need - I didn’t see that in there. You’re including that file at!/czesio?path=bot.js:290:0, so I’m not sure when that’s being called, but it appears that it’s not called when your project starts. If you move that require() out of the event handler that it’s currently in and just put it at the root of your bot’s code that should ensure that it gets called whenever Glitch starts your project.

Right now there’s also an invalid token error, which might occur if your bot’s token has been revoked by Discord.

i did this and all time doesnt work i havent got a clu what is this, i replace bot.js with glitch to my root folder and i add to bot.js require…, of course i add code like on ss

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fantastic support nothing work :))))

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Hello @Czesio321,

I am in your project now if you would like to give me edit access so I can help!

Also, please remove the link above as your project has your bots token public in the code!