Project content is suddenly missing

Seems similar to [RESOLVED] All code missing from project – project primigenus, at, now just shows some random directory listing (???) that wasn’t there before, and the project contains no content. How is this possible?

Hi @Rahul,

really sorry about it. We are just investigating on this issue. In the meantime, I’ve restored your project from the latest backup – let us know if it contains everything you expect :slight_smile:

The directory listing you see it’s the default “static website” that we show if no package.json is present in your project, that is, we treat the project as if it was a static website.

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Seems fixed now, thanks! Scary that projects can just go missing like that though.

Agreed… It typically doesn’t happen though :slight_smile: we had issues with a couple faulty servers, we had to forcefully terminate them. We are actively taking action to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Thanks for your patience and feedback :slight_smile:

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