Project continues loading infinitly

Im having a problem… One of my project is infinitly loading. I tried remix it but the other one had the same problem. The project loads fine but continues saying that is loading.

Name of the project: rebornmc

PS: No error on console and it is a discord bot.

Have you checked the code for any mistakes in the html files for front-end host? I have had the same issue before but I just check some of the code and It worked

Hi @Picono435,

Are you seeing any errors if you go to the project editor and click Tools>Logs ? If so, let us know what they are.

Sorry I was gonna ask them that but I didn’t know exactly how to say it I try to help out sowwy @tasha

It’s a discord bot, and doesnt have any error.

It doesnt have any error and its a discord bot.

Just for say that I can solve it installing express and setuping it, but I dont want to have a not used library for nothing ;-;.

If its just constantly loading infinitely it could be because your Discord bot has been IP banned check the article/other forum here Discord IP Banning Glitch IP’s
These cannot be removed to my knowledge, This could be due to API Abuse.

Hi @Picono435,

Here is the thread we use to report Discord IP Bans.

If you believe that may be what’s happening here, please make a post in that category. Our team regularly reviews the posts in that thread and will do their best to help you.

If that doesn’t help, let me know if you would like us to take a look at your code to see what might be causing this.

Humm maybe you can take a look on my code…

Thanks for your response! We took a look at your code and found the following:

  • It looks like your code is for commands only.
  • Since there is no front-end code for your bot, you will not be able to display the app side.
  • What we suggest is that you compare your bot’s code to our Discord Starter Bot to see what files you can add to get a front end to display.

I didnt understand sorry…

I was taking a look and when I installed express in my glitch project and setted it up it stoped looping… What does this means?

PS: I added .gitignore as starter-discord guide but it didnt solve the problem.

I’m sorry my last answer was confusing to you!

Adding items to .gitignore will help you save project disk space, but it will not affect the issue that you are seeing.

The issue is that you have created code that tells the app how to work as a bot within Discord, but you haven’t added any code that would be displayed to anyone going to the app itself.

If that isn’t a problem for you, you can leave it. If you want something to show, so the preview doesn’t load infinitely, you’ll need to add some front end code. If you are unsure how to do this, you can remix a copy of the discord starter bot and then copy over your commands code into that project.

Sounds cool, thank you very much. Ill do a index.html