Project Corrupted

So I created a discord bot and the status was slightly changed for some reason which wouldn’t update even though the code was perfect so i decided to click on Rewind this Project and it deleted some files and my project is corrupted now. Any way to recover everything back like it was earlier?

Hi @Sxdistic, welcome to the Glitch forum! Can you share the name of your project so I can investigate further? This will help me figure out exactly what’s going on. Thanks!

Yes, the project name is ApexAlts
So I tried rewinding the project which deleted/edited some files and im having difficulties rewriting everything

Hi there! The best way to get back to where you were before the Rewind is, ironically, to use Rewind. In the Rewind timeline, you can select the version of the app from before you did the rewind and it should get you back to a healthy state!

I do see that you just deleted the project though, so maybe you came up with another solution?