Project crash PLS HELP

my project known as forge-lance2 has crashed, due to me installing curl, can someone please revert it back to 10:59 am?

By “crashed” do you mean you cannot access the project anymore?

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yep, and it freezes on loading screen


I’ve seen projects have similar issues, getting stuck on an infinite loop. It should resolve itself after a couple minutes/hours, or the issue could be different. You should wait for a glitch staff member to come investigate

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Yeah, your issue is quite unique, the project loads then completely freezes on the loading screen (the animation no longer plays) your best bet is to wait for @cori or another staff member to come investigate

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hell i hate curl now

But i dont understand why you tried to install curl? It is already pre-installed.

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curl for c++

forge lance runs on a c++/shell twin library

meaning it needs both curl for shell and curl for c++

meaning i had to install curl for c++, and when i did, it crashed

if your wondering what a twin library is, WAIT TILL THE WIKI FROM JTECH RELEASES

Hey @J-Tech-Foundation I poked around a bit, and I think your installation of the curl headers is contributing to this problem; I Remixed your project and saw significant delays in project access, but after removing the files in lib/app/headers/curl/ things seemed to pick up significantly.

I suggest you open your project’s console at and then run rm -rf lib/app/headers/curl/ which will remove those files and get you back down to a number of files the Glitch Editor can handle well.

Please let us know if you continue to have issues.

One other thing that might help you here - if you put the curl headers in your project’s .gitignore file by adding lib/app/headers/curl/* I think you’ll be able to have the files local but not have them slow your project down as much. This will mean you won’t be able to see them in your project’s file tree, but they’ll be accessible to your scripts.

ok! sounds good!
thank you!

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uhm, do you have the curl command i ran for the c++ header?

We can likely see all the same things - if it’s in your terminal history in your project I can see it there but we don’t keep any other history than what’s in the terminal.

oh, ok


guess its time to start scratching my head again XD