Project crashed again this is not good

The Glitch log is showing me:
Error: Cannot find module ‘mime-db/db.json’ and eventually a code EACCESS

Clearly something is broken but what? I have two identical projects both running the same version of the code imported from GitHub. One “dev” runs fine the other “production” isn’t running and won’t start.

I found the message re: enable-pnpm and just entered that in the console. The project has started now with luck it will keep on running. I don’t recall having done this on the dev version. Very frustrating.

I’m sorry that your project was suddenly showing a missing modules error! I will be following up with you via your support request.

For folks following along, this is an issue that occasionally occurs in Node projects. Here is an explanation.

Hi Tasha… I appreciate it. I read that link message. I’m using node 14.x but enable-pnpm seemed to have fixed things for now.