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I want to link my domain to my glitch project. I received the domain cname url from the custom domain. I would be glad if you help what I need to do right now.


  • I have a Cloudflare account. The DNS addresses of the domain are linked to cloudflare.
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@MeliL I assume you mean you’ve configured the nameservers of the Domain to cloudflare

Now you need to make a CNAME record with cloudflare by pressing the ‘Add Record’ button:
Then choose CNAME and and put in @ for the root or anything else for a subdomain, add the CNAME URL given by Glitch and press Save

Hope this helps.


How do I do it from the site?

@MeliL Sorry, It sounded like you were using the custom domain feature on Glitch that unlocks when you get 2 thanks. (Tools -> Custom Domains)

Unfortunately, removed the functionality in their service that allowed for custom domains with Glitch, the CDN. I emailed them asking if there was another way to access it and Kurt replied this:

There seems to be no other way, except getting 2 thanks
Sorry about that,

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No problem, thank you anyway @EddiesTech .